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  1. Introduction
  2. Brain and context
  3. Other theories
  4. Examples
  5. Chaotic emotions
  6. Left and right
  7. The observing self
  8. Organising idea
  9. References

The REM state

Caetextia and CFS

Latest developments

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Joe Griffin explores caetextia and the default network

This is a developing idea, and since the publication of the original article available on this site, caetextia theory has evolved. We have made available a recent lecture by Joe Griffin in which the explains the latest developments to the theory. The REM state, caetextia and the development of self-concept on Vimeo.

The REM state, Caetextia and the development of self-concept on Vimeo.

In this lecture given at the Human Givens Institute Conference in May 2009, Joe Griffin explains the connection between madness and creativity, why we dream, why we are caetextic in dreams, and how caetextia is supported by the current brain research into the default network.